How A Welder Stays Healthy

Wanna know how to stay healthy as a welder? Follow these tips and share it with your co-welders!

Eat healthy food


A nutritious diet is what a welder needs because welding requires physical effort. If you seriously want to stay healthy, then you need to be serious about what your intake. As a welder, your body needs a lot of energy to be able to perform the physically demanding activities ahead of you. This also means you have to consume a lot of calories to keep you energetic. If you often exercise or still do sports and are under 50, then you need up to 3,000 calories every day to meet the energy levels your physical body requires. If you’re older and less active, you’ll need more calories to keep up with your job.

Exercise, exercise, exercise!

exercise-vectorSpeaking of an active lifestyle, you need to work out regularly to stay fit as well. A healthy welder can only remain healthy if he or she exercises. After all, using electrical tools plus staying still in awkward body positions can cause the body to become inflexible and stiff. Using handheld tools can even increase your risk of having carpal tunnel syndrome, which is an illness you don’t want to have. Welding tasks can also be repetitive, so you have to exercise often to make sure your body can still move when you want, how you want. Don’t ignore cardiovascular exercises like running, swimming, and cycling. They can lengthen your endurance and keep your lungs and heart healthy. An active lifestyle is what you need if you’re a welder. If you want your body to remain flexible until you’re in your 60s or 70s, then you better start heading to the gym before or after your welding job.

Wearing the right attire

welding-attireLastly, a welder can stay healthy by going to work sporting the correct welding outfit. And by that, I mean, safety glasses, a welding helmet, long sleeves, ear plugs, close-toed shoes, and welding gloves. They can keep you healthy by helping you avoid harmful flames, electrical arcs, chemicals, and fumes.

Just because you’ve been welding for a long time doesn’t mean you can skip one of those safety gears. Welding exposes you to UV radiation, bright light, plus heavy equipment like the Hobart Handler 140. It may even expose you to fire. So, to stay safe and healthy, protect your skin by wearing the recommended welding attire. The right outfit can help you avoid injuries while welding.


Stay healthy and happy as a welder!

bathroom heater

Health Benefits of a Bathroom Heater

You may be wondering how a bathroom heater can benefit you, so this article is made just to answer your curiosity.

If you want to be all healthy and happy, a bathroom heater can help you by offering you the following:

A warm and cozy experience


A bathroom heater can help you mentally and physically relax, allowing you to rejuvenate your body and renew your mind. A heater helps you become fit by giving you a comfortable place where you no longer have to be concerned about shivering especially during wintry days. Modern bathroom heaters today enable users to control the temperature, so you can adjust how warm the room becomes. With a relaxing environment, you’ll be able to replenish your strength so you can be mentally and physically fit to do what you ought to for the rest of the day.


bathroom heaterYou may be wondering how a bathroom heater can offer you satisfaction, but believe it or not, after getting out of a heated bathroom, you’ll be able to give off positive vibes. That’s because you were relaxed minutes before getting out, and you had the time to reenergize. You can even meditate in the bathroom properly if you wish and you have to thank a bathroom heater for making that possible. After meditation, you’ll have a more optimistic attitude towards people and activities. Hooray!

Clean environment


Nothing says healthy better than a clean environment. Thank goodness bathroom heaters exist! These things can keep the bathroom healthy and safe by removing the odor and moisture from the air. They help you maintain a safe environment by keeping the fixtures, mirrors, and other stuff dry. You no longer have to be cautious about slippery walls and floors too, because these machines are tailored to help keep a dry environment, unlike exhaust fans. Remember that wet areas in the bathroom can attract germs, which prevents you from having a clean and healthy environment. With a bathroom heater, you can go around in the room quickly and with ease because you know there’s no slippery stuff you’ll have to deal with.

Obviously, bathroom heaters can help you maintain a healthy lifestyle because of what they offer. If you intend to purchase one (and you should!), don’t hesitate to read more to get to know them better.

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