8 Best Cities in the World For Fitness and Wellness Enthusiasts

Calgary, Canada
Highlights: Canada’s cleanest city, a wide array of green spaces and places for recreational and physical activities

Copenhagen, Denmark
Highlights: One of the most bike-friendly cities in the world, high foot traffic in the heart of the city, plenty of green spaces and parks for outdoor activities

Hong Kong
Hong Kong
Highlights: Average life expectancy of 82.5, a city with a high concentration of registered doctors, nature destinations suitable for a wide range of outdoor activities

Highlights: Plenty of green spaces including numerous parks and trails, a wide array of recreational facitilities and activities

Stockholm, Sweden
Djurgarden Stockholm
Highlights: An urban park at the heart of the city, a city with the highest number of museums in the world

Sydney, Australia
Highlights: A city of outdoor lovers, broad range of fitness and sports facilities

Tokyo, Japan
Highlights: Excellent transport system and low gas emissions, numerous parks and green spaces, a wide array of outdoor activities

Washington, D.C., USA
Washington, D.C.
Highlights: High concentration of exercisers, plenty of green spaces and parks for outdoor recreational activities, several fitness studios and and facilities